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Miss Louisiana is...


•  The Official Hostess for the State of Louisiana, a title bestowed upon her by the Louisiana Legislature.

•  The Spokesperson for Louisiana Cares for Children. Louisiana Cares for Children is a school-based motivational presentation that encourages believing in one's self, making the right choices, and abstaining from alcohol, tobacco products, and illegal drug use.  Miss Louisiana presents a thirty minute school assembly program which addresses contemporary peer pressures while promoting positive self-worth. The presentation's focus is on the importance of making right choices, particularly during early years, and also provides students practical ways of dealing with peer pressure.


•  The Spokesperson for The Louisiana Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

• An Effective Motivational Speaker & Positive Role Model for all ages.


To book Miss Louisiana for your next event, contact Information Debbie Wyatt:

Email Debbie | 318-680-2481


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