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MLOT Fan Favorite Contest


•  Contestants are listed in alphabetical order by Last Name.

•  The Teen contestant with the highest amount of votes will be the 12th Semi-Finalist in the Final Night Show. If the contestant is already in the Top Ten, the next one in line with the most votes will become a semi-finalist.

•  Choose the contestant you want to vote for from the list below, click on the Add To Cart button. Be sure to complete the transactition with the "Shopping Cart" at the bottom of the page.

•  $1.00 minimum vote. The quantity is the number of votes you want to make. (i.e. a quantity of 10 equals $10 which means 10 votes for your favorite contestant).


Top Votes Throgh 5/27/15:

1.  Brooke McKinley

2. McCaala Nelson

3.  Caroline Colvin

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